Various Motifs and Meanings of Nusantara Batik

macam macam motif batik nusantara - batik durian pecah

History of Indonesian Batik

If we look at Nusantara batik from a historical point of view, we will find the same information as Indonesian batik because it does have a relationship, namely, the archipelago is a term to describe the vast territory of the Majapahit kingdom covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand. Meanwhile, the center of the Majapahit government is in Trowulan, Mojokerto, East Java. This fact makes many people assume that Indonesia is the same as the archipelago. The name Nusantara itself comes from the Sanskrit language, nusa “island” and between “outside”.

Batik that appeared in several countries was the result of the spread of the batik tradition of the Majapahit society at that time. If you are looking for information about Indonesian batik, use keywords: Nusantara batik and its meaning, Nusantara batik 2015, Nusantara batik, thamrin city, Nusantara batik, and its explanations, Nusantara batik, and its origins, Nusantara batik and its origins, Nusantara batik and explanations, Nusantara batik and pictures. Then you will find similar information for the various kinds of Indonesian batik motifs you are looking for.

Various kinds of Nusantara batik motifs and their names
If many people say batik, we should always refer to written batik, not stamped batik, especially batik printing, in my opinion, batik printing is not batik because the process of making batik is very different from the actual process of making batik. For this reason, we describe the various types of Indonesian batik motifs as follows,

Banten: archipelago batik motifs typical of the Surowasan kingdom, namely Datulaya batik motifs, Kapurban batik motifs, Kawangsan batik motifs, Mandalikan batik motifs, Pamaranggen batik motifs, Pancaniti batik motifs, Panjantren batik motifs.

Banjarnegara: Bajarnegara’s typical archipelago batik motif, namely the butterfly batik motif, tends to use color combinations that contain elements of earth and soft colors in butterfly and flower motifs.

Yogyakarta: archipelago batik motifs typical of the Ngayogjokarto Hadiningrat palace, namely the Parang Barong batik motif, the Parang Kusumo batik motif, the Parang Baris batik motif, the Parang Centong batik motif, the Parang beard batik motif, the Purbo Negoro batik motif, the Ceplok Koci batik motif, the Nitik Pleret batik motif, and the wijirejo Pandak/giriloyo batik motif.

Cirebon: the mega cloudy batik motif, the liman batik motif, the Paksinaga batik motif, the Banjar Balong batik motif, the Singa Payung batik motif, the Singa Barong batik motif, the Patran Keris batik motif, and the chicken pedestal motif.

Indramayu: Entong iwak batik motif, Karang gurdo batik motif, and Karang Karang batik motif

Jambi: Batang Hari batik motif, Bungo Pauh batik motif, Duren Pecah batik motif, Kapal very batik motif, Kuau Berhias batik motif, Merak groaning batik motif, and Mangosteen lampok batik motif.

Jombang: Cindenenan batik motif, green arimbi temple batik motif, red arimbi temple batik motif, Peksi batik motif, Peksi Manya batik motif, turonggo setyo batik motif, and Buketan batik motif.

Madura: Primis batik motif, Sekar Jagad batik motif, Buketan Al-Huda batik motif, Suramadu batik motif, Canting Madura batik motif, and Gentongan batik motif.

Palembang: lasem batik motifs, Bungo tea batik motifs, Kembang jepri batik motifs, fish scales batik motifs, gribik batik motifs, encim batik motifs, and Kembang Bakung batik motifs.

Pekalongan: jlamprang batik motif, Buketan batik motif, morning-afternoon Buketan batik motif, hong bird batik motif, Javanese hokokai batik motif in the morning-afternoon, and butterfly setaman batik motif.

Purworejo: bagelan batik motifs, Sri Rama batik motifs, Semen Romo Ngarak batik motifs, and semen kreni batik motifs.

Solo or Surakarta: Sido Mukti batik motif, Sido Luhur batik motif, Sawat batik motif, Kawung Dwi color batik motif, Sido Asih batik motif, and Truntum simping Mas batik motif.

All of these Indonesian batik motifs can be used as fabric materials to make contemporary models of batik clothes, you can also combine them with other types of fabrics to add value to your batik clothes. #happy_shopping

Pictures of various kinds of Nusantara Batik Motifs

macam macam motif batik nusantara - batik durian pecah
macam macam motif batik nusantara – batik durian pecah

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