The History of Jambi Batik Motifs and Explanations

batik jambi angso duo

The History of Jambi Batik Motifs and Explanations — Jambi province is one of the regions that participates in the participation and dissemination of the wealth of traditional Indonesian batik clothing models where the Jambi government plays a major role in preserving this batik culture.

It should be noted that Jambi Province is located on the east coast in the central part of Sumatra Island and is one of three provinces in Indonesia whose capital city is the same as the name of the province, in addition to Gorontalo and Bengkulu. If you look at the map, the demographic position of Jambi province is between 2.45° South Latitude, 0.45° North Latitude, and between 101.10°-104.55° East Longitude. In the north it is directly bordered by Riau Province, then in the east it is directly bordered by the Berhala Strait, then in the south it is directly bordered by South Sumatra Province and finally in the west it is directly bordered by Bengkulu Province and West Sumatra Province.

History of Jambi Batik

The history of Jambi batik is not clearly known. The beginning of this batik activity was carried out by the local community until it became a culture until now. If we trace through the historical facts of the kingdom in ancient times, namely starting from the era of the Malay Sultanate in Jambi, which is also not clearly known the time and year where at the time of the sultanate Jambi batik was already known and worn by the upper classes with the main motifs of flora and fauna. . Until in the end, during the Soeharto era around the 1980s, Jambi batik began to be developed with the Jambi government as the main driving force by providing guidance to the community to revive Jambi’s typical batik culture.

Jambi Batik Motifs

Jambi batik motifs are very diverse and have developed rapidly since the 1980s and some Jambi batik motifs might be a reference in making the creation of contemporary batik clothes. Here are some well-known batik motifs from Jambi batik:

  • Jambi Batik Bungo Pauh Motif
  • Jambi Batik Sanggat Ship Motif
  • Jambi Batik Batang Hari Motif
  • Jambi Batik Duren Pecah Motif
  • Jambi Batik Merak Ngeram Motif
  • Jambi Batik Candi Muara Motif
  • Jambi Batik Tampok Manggis Motif
  • Jambi BatikAngso Duo Bersayap Motif
  • Jambi Batik Tabor Titik motif
  • Jambi Batik Kaca Piring Motif

Actually there are many other Jambi batik motifs, but overall the batik tulis motifs have the impression of an elegant meaning and show an authority. If we look at the use of color, of course, we use colors that tend to be cheerful, bright, and the impression of joy is so dominant.

We must be proud of the roots of Indonesian culture in general and regional culture in particular so that it is always maintained and sustainable for the cultural heritage that we get, so we must know and be familiar with the history of Jambi batik and its explanations, ranging from the batik motifs to the Jambi batik clothes model that traditional. The meaning and philosophy contained in the Jambi batik motif is a prayer and hope for everyone who wears the Jambi batik. Hopefully this article can increase our insight as well as our love for Indonesian culture and send us emails, suggestions, or criticisms about batik or the articles we make.

Jambi Batik Pictures

batik jambi angso duo
batik jambi angso duo

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