The History of Cirebon Batik Motifs and Explanations

History of Cirebon Batik

History of Cirebon Batik Motifs and Explanations – According to an cient stories, the emergence of batik activities in Cirebon was due to the role of Ki Gede Trusmi. he is loyal follower of Sunan Gunung Jati. Sunan Gunung Jati spread Islam only through batik activities.

In the past, batik activities were also carried out by members of the tarekat who served in the Cirebon palace and members of the tarekat lived in Trusmi village and its surroundings. Batik activities are used as a source of income for the tarekat group. The center of the tarekat movement is in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. It is said that the development of Cirebon batik is closely related to the development of this movement.

Cirebon batik is batik with a unique and distinctive motif belonging to the coastal batik group. However, there are also several Cirebon batik motifs belonging to the Keraton batik group, the Kasepuhan Palace and the Kanoman Palace. The following is an explanation of some Cirebon batik motifs.

  1. Megamendung Batik
gambar batik cirebon mega mendung
gambar batik cirebon mega mendung

The icon of Cirebon batik is a Megamendung batik motif. The megamendung batik motif has an identical pecualirity so that it is different from other regions. The peculiarity of the megamendung batik motif lies its motif in the from of a cloud-like image with form colors.

As well as the philosophical values contained in it which are closely related to the history of the birth of Cirebon batik as a whole. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism plans to register the megamendung batik motif with UNESCO to get recognition as one of the world heritage. This batik motif has been widely known to foreign countries. Even the megamendung motif was used as the cover of a book entitled Batik Design which is a foreign publication.

The book is a work by Pepin Van Roojen, a Dutch man. H. Komarudin Kudiya S.IP, M.DS as the Daily Chairman of the West Java Batik Foundation (YBJB) argues, that the megamendung motif is a form of very noble and meaningful work so that the use of this motif should be maintained properly and placed as it should be.

2. Sawat Pengantin Batik

gambar batik cirebon sawat pengantin
gambar batik cirebon sawat pengantin

Batik sawat pengantin in general, gives the connotation of symbolism towards oneness like a bride, which is full of hope and happiness. The people of Cirebon-Indramayu have beliefs about the hopes of the Creator which are expressed through the motifs of the bride and groom’s sawat batik.

3. Paksinaga Liman Batik

gambar batik cirebon paksi naga liman
gambar batik cirebon paksi naga liman

Paksinaga liman batik motif with the Cirebon Paksinaga liman golden carriage. Paksinaga liman is a combined embodiment of the animal axis (garuda), dragon (snake) and liman (elephant). Paksinaga liman is a symbol of the strength of the Cirebon kingdom, namely air (paksi), sea (dragon) and land (liman). Paksinaga liman batik is usually ordered by Japanese tourists to be used as kimono material.

4. Patran Keris Batik

Batik patran keris is a classic batik. This batik is also one of the batik that is often ordered by the Japanese. Japanese people like to use batik patran keris as a kimono material. This proves that Cirebon batik has been known and favored by foreign countries.

5. Singa Payung Batik

gambar batik cirebon singa payung
gambar batik cirebon singa payung

The influence of the palace on Cirebon batik motifs cannot be denied. Lion umbrella batik is one of the batiks whose idea is based on the Kanoman palace environment.

6. Singa Barong Batik

gambar batik cirebon singa barong
gambar batik cirebon singa barong

Cars are one of the most common means of transportation today. It turns out that in ancient times the Cirebon sultanate had a vehicle that was almost similar in concept to a sophisticated car. The singabarong train is the name for this vehicle. The Singabarong carriage was pulled by four buffalo, and was used as the sultan’s vehicle. Now the train is stored in one of the museums in the Kasepuhan Sultanate of Cirebon. This is what inspired batik craftsmen to immortalize it in Cirebon batik motifs with the name Lion Barong Batik where the main ornament on the batik motif depicts a lion barong train.

7. Kompeni Batik

gambar batik cirebon motif kompeni
gambar batik cirebon motif kompeni

Company batik is different from other batik motifs. Other batik motifs are more focused on flora and fauna ornaments and various forms of certain symbols. While the Company’s batik has a motif in the form of pictures that tell a story. The Company’s batik depicts the war in the Dutch colonial era. The batik motifs that appear are pictures of cannons, trucks, tanks, pointed bamboo and rifles. The characteristic of the Company’s batik is that it depicts VOC soldiers and residents during the colonial period. VOC soldiers were usually depicted with rifles and cannons. While the population is described through the lives of farmers, fishermen and traders. The background color of the Company’s batik cloth, which is usually left white, is also a characteristic of this Company’s batik. However, it was also found that the Company’s batik had a colored background.

In addition to the seven batik motifs described, Cirebon batik also has other motifs including, patran kangkung batik, lion wadas batik, kilingan batik, banjar balloon batik, alas chicken batik, katewono batik, giwur mountain batik, menjangan simbar batik, and simbar batik kendo.

All of the above explanations are one of the kinds of batik in Indonesia based on the area of ​​origin where we have discussed in detail about Cirebon Mega Mendung batik, Cirebon hand batik, Cirebon typical batik, Cirebon batik, Cirebon batik history and pictures, history and batik motifs. Cirebon, the history of the development of Cirebon batik, Cirebon written batik and its meaning, Cirebon batik is, Cirebon trusmi batik, Cirebon batik and its explanation.

Next, we will discuss in detail about the materials of Cirebon batik, then where people sell Cirebon batik, where is the Cirebon batik center, illustrations from photos of Cirebon batik, local trademarks namely Oemah Cirebon batik and salma Cirebon batik where they sell cheap Cirebon batik, no matter what. We also forgot to discuss how to see Cirebon batik vector, as well as Cirebon batik and how to make it.


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