Recommendations Batik Shop in Solo

Recommendations batik Shop in Solo – Batik is the typical clothing of the Indonesian people. Many cities have their own batik motifs and markets, one of which is the city of Solo. When you are on vacation or walking in the city of Solo or you are staying in this city, it is not easy when you don’t visit a Batik shop to buy or just look around though.

In the city of Solo, there are many batik factories and tourist shops that make Batik at relatively low prices. You can even find prices for less than IDR 50,000 per meter of batik cloth. In addition, if you intend to buy batik clothes for souvenirs or certain events at low prices, Solo City is the right place for you. The following are some recommendations for Batik Shops in the City of Solo, including :

  • Pasar Klewer, center for buying Batik materials
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This market is quite famous among local and national people. When you ask local residents, the first recommendation for buying batik clothes is Klewer Market. The market, which is located near the Surakarta Palace, is very wide and sells various clothing products ranging from fabrics, clothes, shirts, nightgowns to batik-patterned bags. In addition, because this place is a market, you can bargain for the price of the batik you want to buy.

  • Kampung Batik Kauman
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Kauman Batik Village is quite popular for those of you who want to find batik made directly by the maker. In Kauman Batik Village, there are three types of batik that you can buy, namely, stamped batik, hand-drawn batik, to a combination of written and stamped batik. The price of batik in Kuman also varies from cheap to relatively expensive quality. Kauman Batik Village is located in the middle of the city.

  • Pusat Grosir Solo (PGS)
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Pusat Grosir Solo atau biasa disingkat dengan PGS ini sebenarnya tidak hanya menjual batik, tapi juga banyak hal lain yang bisa dibeli secara skala besar atau Grosir. Meskipun namanya Grosir, namun Anda bisa membeli produk disini secara satuan dengan harga grosir. Di Pusat Grosir Solo ini juga menyediakan produk batik yang sangat lengkap dan nyaman, sehingga sangat tepat untuk Anda yang mencari batik di Kota Solo. Letak Pusat Grosir Solo ini ada di tengah Kota tak jauh dari Pasar Klewer.

  • Beteng Trade Center (BTC)
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Benteng Trade Center short people with BTC is located right next to Solo Wholesale Center. However, the difference with PGS is that BTC also sells other textile goods besides batik, such as cloth and sewing tools. Sellers at Beteng Trade Center usually set a fixed price for the products they sell, so it’s often difficult to bargain. But if you want to buy in large quantities, there will still be a discount.

  • Kampung Batik Laweyan
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This area was formerly known as Kampung Juragan Batik, the art of batik here has existed and developed well since hundreds of years ago. This Laweyan Batik Village is one of the most famous Batik Batik Villages in the city of Solo. In this place there are shops and home batik factories that provide various kinds of batik ranging from hand batik to stamped batik. The price of batik offered here also varies depending on the style and quality of the fabric.

Those are some recommendations for places to buy Batik in the city of Solo from us. If you want to see recommendations for batik places in other cities, stay tune on our website because we will provide recommendations for where to buy batik in other cities next.