Recommendations Batik Shop in Demak

Recommendations Batik Shop in Demak – Demak is an Indonesian historical city in the province of Central Java and upholds Islamic values. Demak is known as a batik producer in Central Java which is already popular among the people. Demak batik is inspired by the history of the Demak kingdom which features coastal and agricultural motifs and there is a mix of Majapahit styles with Islamic values. The combination of these motifs makes Demak batik has its own characteristics from batik in other areas. The art of making batik in this city is found in several areas including Wedung village, Karangmlati village, Bonang village and several other locations. In addition, many handicrafts from batik are made by the community such as clothing, etc., this batik is included in the class of fine batik and has shades of brown color and a combination of flower and bird motifs.

As for the motifs used by artists making batik clothes from coastal areas in general, batik from the Demak area is quite different from other regional batik motifs, which can be seen from the colors used which have a softer and calmer impression. The combination of colors that are not flashy like other coastal batik makes this batik look beautiful and elegant.

Demak also has a rich culture in the form of batik. Commonly known as Mtrainarjan batik. because the location which is the center of the batik industry is located in Mtrainarjo Village, Gajah District, Kab. Demak.

If you are visiting the city of Demak which is dubbed the city of Wali and its religious tourism, don’t forget to stop by to buy souvenirs from the city of Demak, especially Demak batik which is known to be unique with its beautiful characteristics.

The following is a recommendation from our Demak Batik Shop:

  • Batik Demak Boutique Tyo Collection
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This batik shop offers various types of batik fabrics and motifs. Batik for men and women is available here with various types such as formal batik, kebaya, batik cloth, batik kaftan, brocade combination batik and plain combination batik. Prices for these batiks are sold relatively cheaply depending on the type of fabric and motif. The address of this shop is on Jl. Sultan Hadiwijaya No.21, Nogorame, Mangunjiwan, Kec. Demak, Demak Regency, Central Java 59515.

  • Galery Barik Demakan Tyo Collection Sri Lestari
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This shop has a superior batik craft called Demakan. This batik motif is also no less good than other batik motifs such as the Beledek Door motif, Belimbing, and Soko Tatal Great Mosque. This demak batik has also been popular until it is sold outside the city such as Yogyakarta, Solo, Jakarta, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. The price of this batik cloth is sold at a price ranging from 70 thousand to 500 thousand per sheet. In addition to selling batik cloth, the shop also provides ready-made products such as masks, clothes, and bags made of batik motifs. The outlet is on Jl. Sultan Hadiwijaya No.21, Nogorame, Mangunjiwan, Demak District, Demak Regency, Central Java 59515.

  • Batik Khas 2 Mlatiharjo
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This batik shop offers a wide variety of Indonesian batik fabrics and motifs. For men and women are available here with various types such as both traditional and modern batik, written batik, sogan, couple batik and etc. Prices vary depending on the style and type of material.

Address : Hamlet, Mtrainarjo, Kec. Elephant, Demak Regency, Central Java 59581, Indonesia.

Those are 3 Recommendations for Demak Batik Stores that you can visit, hopefully they can be useful if you are looking for a batik shop in Demak City. For recommended articles in other cities, you can visit our website.