Recommendations Batik Shop in Bandung

Recommendations Batik Shop in Bandung – Indonesia’s cultural wealth is very abundant, one of which is batik. Batik is a traditional Indonesian clothing that is quite popular in Indonesia and even abroad. Batik is also an Indonesian cultural heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO. The various motifs or patterns of batik make batik very popular at home and abroad. Along with the times, many new motifs have emerged, which of course will attract the hearts of those who see it.

Many cities in Indonesia have their own batik characteristics. One of them is the city of Bandung. Now when you are visiting there or even living there, you must visit quality batik shops in the city of Bandung. Go ahead, see the article below.

  1. Batik Danar Hadi Bandung
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Danar Hadi stores can understand that everyone has their own style and preferences. So he continues to innovate diverse to meet your needs and style. Dinar Hadi’s batik can be used daily as needed to special celebrations. With a relative price because it is famous for its good quality batik. So we recommend this batik shop.

Well, if you want to know more about the Dinar Hadi batik shop, you can come to: Address : JL. L. L. RE. Martadinata no.60 Citarum, Kec. Bandung Wetan, Bandung City, West Java 40115

2. Rumah Batik Komar

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Komar Batik House is one of the centers of batik shops in the city of Bandung. This shop provides various types of batik, apart from providing batik products, the Komar Batik House also opens an Edu-Tourism program for the community. This program is used to educate the public, people can see firsthand the process of batik, or they can also try batik.

This batik shop is able to complete fashion needs ranging from clothes, ties, to masks with batik motifs. You can visit on Jl. Cigadung Raya Timur No.1 No.5, Cigadung, Kec. Cibeunying Kaler, Bandung City, West Java 40191. Operating Hours Monday – Sunday 09.00 – 17.00 WIB.

3. Toko Batik Keris

This Batik Keris shop is spread everywhere, and has become one of the leading batik companies in Indonesia. Has various types of batik, from materials such as silk, flannel, and other woven fabrics. Starting from children’s batik to adults are available in this shop. Batik prices also vary depending on the motif and material. The shop is on Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 289, Cibangkong, Kec. Batununggal, Bandung City, West Java 40273. There is also one branch located at Trans Studio Mall Bandung. Operating Hours Monday – Sunday 10.00 – 21.00 WIB.

4. Manon Jaya Batik Centre

In addition to the batik shop above, you can also visit or shop at the Manon Jaya Batik Center batik shop. Selling various types of batik from children’s to adult fashion. Household accessories such as wall hangings, tablecloths, bed linen are also available here. The price of batik here is relatively cheap. This shop is located at Jalan Tamblong no.64 – Bandung and the branch is at Jalan Sumatra no.17 – Bandung. Open every Monday – Saturday at 08.30 – 20.00 WIB.

Those are some recommendations for batik shops from us in the city of flowers or the city of Bandung. This article was created as a reference for you to find a batik shop that sells its products with good quality and at a relatively affordable price.