Recommendation Batik Shops in Nganjuk

Before we provide Recommendations for Batik Shops in Nganjuk Regency, let’s know that the indigenous Indonesian culture is very attached, one of which is Batik. Batik is a pictorial fabric whose manufacture is painted using canting and night candles, this batik craft has a high artistic value. Batik has also been designated as a Humanitarian Heritage for Oral and Non-material Culture by UNESCO on October 2, 2009. Batik has existed since the time of the Majapahit kingdom in the past and is very popular until now, not only domestically batik is also popular abroad. Batik is not only used as clothing but also has an aesthetic function and a social symbol. As an indigenous Indonesian cultural heritage, there are many batik shops that we can find in Indonesian regions, one of which is in Nganjuk Regency.
Nganjuk is one of the regencies in East Java Province. Nganjuk Regency has the nickname Wind City and Nganjuk is also famous for producing shallots in East Java Province. Nganjuk has a distinctive Batik with an Anjuk Ladang Monument Motif. Recommendations for Batik Shops in Nganjuk Regency are as follows.

  • Griya Batik Sri Siji Nganjuk

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The first batik shop recommendation is Griya Batik Sri Siji Nganjuk. Providing various types of batik fabrics, writing batik, sasirangan batik, jumputan batik, batik cap and batik combinations with various choices of motifs. Griya Batik Sri Siji Nganjuk produces its batik so there is no need to worry about the products provided must have good quality.

If you are interested in visiting Griya Batik Sri Siji Nganjuk, you can visit Perumnas Candirejo Blok GG No. 10, Gejagan, Kec. Nganjuk, Nganjuk Regency, East Java. Open daily from 08.00 to 21.00.

  • Batik Tones
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The address of this store is on Jl. Ahmad Yani No.131, Payaman, Kec. Nganjuk, Nganjuk Regency, East Java. The batik offered at Nada Batik is quite complete, there are batik dresses, gamis, kebaya, batik shirts, batik couples, and others. The quality of batik is also good, and the service provided is also very satisfying. This store is open every day if you want to visit this store, this store is open from 09.00 – 17.00.

  • Batik Tower
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This shop provides a variety of batik ranging from children to adult men and women. The batik collection is also large and good, there are batik shirts, kebaya, batik couple, and many more. In the Menara Batik store besides batik, it has good quality, the price is also affordable. The service of this store is also very friendly and satisfying suitable for you with your family shopping batik here.

If you are interested you can visit the address: Jl. DR. Soetomo No.62, Kauman, Bogo, Kec. Nganjuk, Nganjuk Regency, East Java. It opens at 07.00 and closes at around 21.00.

  • Melaten Batik Nganjuk
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The last recommendation for Batik Shops in the Nganjuk area is Melaten Batik Nganjuk. This shop produces and sells various types of batik such as batik tulis, batik caps, combinations, abstract batik, and others. Here also serves batik fashion orders for event purposes or office uniforms and school uniforms, for designs can be requested as needed. This store is located in Kedungmlaten, Kedung Mlaten, Lengkong District, Nganjuk Regency, East Java. Open every day except Fridays. The operating hours are from 07.00 to 16.30.

Maybe those are some recommendations for batik shops in the nganjuk area that you can visit. Thank you for reading our article, for other articles you can visit our website page