Modern Batik Clothes Model Cirebon

Modern Batik Clothes Model Cirebon. Indonesia is rich in cultural heritage that originates from a culture that has it’s own peculiarities. Especially Batik which is a cultural heritage that is closely related to the development of the Majapahit kingdom and the spread of islamic teachings on the island of Java and continues to grow until now.

On of them is Cirebon which is a batik producing area which has meaning and history in every depiction of it’s decoration because batik is closely related to the process of cultural assimilation and religious ritual traditions and has it’s own characteristics whose designs have wadasan(stone) motifs.

Motifs in several parts that have various decorative elements. Cirebon is the oldest batik center that has an influence on other batik industries West Java.

The pattern of spread of Batik in Cirebon is the same as in Yogyakarta and Solo which initially only appread in the palace but also outside the palace, which was initially only studied by the palace princesses to fill their spare time, but now the Cirebon people have been able to learn batik as merchandise to meet their needs daily.

In addition, Cirebon batik motifs become coastal batik for ordinary people and palaces for royal nobles, so the motifs are quite varied. In Cirebon batik making technique using thin lines that only draw one line wit (drawing a pattern) so that makes Cirebon batik different from Javanese Batik.

The famous batik motif is Mega Mendung which is the icon of the most famous motif in Cirebon whose motif is inspired by the shape on the sharp, oval, and triagular cloud lines, that symbolizes the rain bearing clouds as fertility and life giving besides having a lighter background color that the color in the Batik motifs.

The history of this motif is related to the arrival of the Chinese to Cirebon, namely a Chinese woman named Ong Tie who married Sunan Gunung Jati, the only guardian who spread Islam in West Java.

Well, by having a variety of distinctive batik motifs, here are some models of modern Cirebon batik clothes that can be applied to certain events or events that make your fashion different from the others and still look fashionable, as follows:

  • Model Kimono outer Mega Mendung Blue Combination

Model Mendung motif has identical characteristics so that it’s different from the others. With a model that is related bu still looks fashionable that can be used by various young people.

  • Dragon Combination Hem Model

With the dragon liman paksi motif which has a combination of 3 animals, namely the paksi(garuda), dragon(snake) and liman(elephant) which is a symbol of the power of the Cirebon kingdom. In addition, this motif is also often ordered by foreign tourists, especially Japan, which is used as a kimono making material.

  • Mega Mendung and Brocade Dress Model

The dress model is designed simply, and added with brocade material so,  that it still looks stylish which can be used for formal or semi-formal events.

  • Shanghai Model

With a classic brown Mega Mendung motif that makes the neck look longer and a more trendy and elegant appearance that can be used for formal events.

  • A-line Dress Model with Mega Mendung Combination

For those of you who still want to look elegant and beautiful, even if you use batik, you can use the A-line dress model, suitable for parties and other casual events that make the impression more simple.

And for those of you who are still confused and not confident when using batik as an everyday style or for certain events, you can find more information about batik clothing models and can visit our website

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