Recommendation Batik Shops in Pasuruan

Batik is one of the favorite clothes of the Indonesian people. Its unique shape and motif make this outfit popular because it is very suitable to be worn for various activities. One of the batik centers is in the city of Pasuruan, in this city you can easily find batik shopping shops that are very suitable to be visited to hunt for batik busama. As for the Recommendations for Pasuruan Batik Shops, so it will make it easier for you when you are going to shop for batik in the city of Pasuruan. These places include:

Suropati Heritage Batik typical of Pasuruan
Image Source: WartaBromo
  • Inayah Batik Tulis Shop
    The first store that we recommend when you are going to hunt for batik in pasuruan city is Toko Batik Tulis Inayah. This batik shop has been established since 2016 and routinely produces handmade batik from batik artists. Inayah’s batik writing shop always prioritizes the number 1 quality in each of its batik products. In addition to selling batik, this shop also sells batik tools to provide batik course services.
    Inayah’s batik tulis shop is open every day for 24 hours, so you can go to the store whenever you want, and you can find this shop on Jl. Patimura Gang 3 RT.04 / RW.01, Bugulkidul, Bugul Kidul District, Pasuruan City.
  • Megaria Batik Pasuruan Store
    The next store we recommend is the Megaria batik shop. The Megaria batik shop sells various types of typical Indonesian batik, here you can choose superior quality batik that will certainly not disappoint its consumers. As for the batik sold, some are still in the form of batik cloth or have been modified into ready-to-use batik clothes.
    If you are interested in hunting batik at this Megaria store, you can visit during the store’s operating hours, Monday to Sunday from 08.00-20.00 WIB. This store is located at Jl. Panglima Sudirman No. 36, Purworejo, Purworejo District, Pasuruan City.
  • Sekar Wangi Sejati Batik Shop
    The next store is a well-known batik UKM in Pasuruan city, namely the Sekar Wangi Sejati store. This shop sells various types of batik typical of the archipelago with various motifs and colors. You can choose batik products, both traditional batik, and modern batik, all of which are available in this place.
    This batik UKM store is located on Jl. Kyai Sarkowi, RT.02 RW.02 Dindingrejo, Purworejo District, Pasuruan City. And open every day from 07.00-21.00 WIB.
  • Citra Pasuruan Batik House
    The next shopping place is Rumah Batik Citra. This place sells good quality batik which is certainly very suitable for you to buy as a souvenir. The batik sold is also various, some have been modified into ready-to-wear clothing such as shirts, dasters, pants, gamis, skirts, and others. However, there is also batik that is still in the form of cloth. For the price, this batik house sets a reasonable price and is very suitable for the quality offered.
    Rumah Batik Citra is located on Jl. Anjasmoro X No.27, Bugul Lor, Panggungrejo, Pasuruan City. And open every day from 06.00-21.00 WIB.
  • Vina Batik Shop
    Our last recommended store is Toko Vina Batik. You can find this store on Jl. Diponegoro No. B 29 Purworejo Kebonsari, Panggungrejo, Pasuruan City. Here you can buy a variety of batik clothes at retail or buy them wholesale. The price offered is also very affordable and very suitable for consumers to pocket.
    If you are interested in buying it, make sure you come to the store’s operating hours, which are every Monday to Sunday open from 08.00-23.00 WIB.

Those are some of the Batik Shop Recommendations in Pasuruan that you can find while in the city of Pasuruan, if you still want to find shops that sell batik in other areas, you can visit our website page Because we will present recommendations for batik shopping shops throughout Indonesia.