Recommendation Batik Shops in Kebumen


One of Indonesia’s cultural heritages that still exists today is Batik. Batik is closely related to the culture of the Indonesian people, especially in the island of Java, this is because there are so many batik industry centers that were born and developed on the island of Java, one of which is in Kebumen city. Kebumen City is one of the cities in the southern part of Central Java Province. Its strategic place makes the city of Kebumen one of the promising cities to establish a business, one of which is the batik business. If you are in the city of Kebumen, it feels less afdol if you haven’t bought souvenirs of typical Kebumen batik as a souvenir for relatives or family at home. Here we have made a list of Kebumen Batik Shop Recommendations that you can visit while you are or are traveling to this city:

  • Sahlani Batik Shop
    The first store we recommend is the Sahlani batik shop. Sahlani batik shop is a shop that sells various types of batik clothing from various regions. In the Sahlani batik shop, there are types of written batik to stamp batik that are sold wholesale or in units. Sahlani batik shop sells batik of good quality but is sold at a relatively low price. And if you buy it wholesale or become a regular customer, you can get an extra discount. Sahlani batik shop is located at Jl. Kolopaking No. 93, Keposan, Kebumen District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java.
  • Bu Sum Batik Shop
    The second store we recommend is the Bu Sum batik shop. In bu Sum batik shop you can find various types of batik, both in the form of cloth and batik that has become a fashion. The clothes sold include batik shirts, kebaya, batik pants, batik skirts, batik dasters, and others. Bu Sum batik shop, located at the address Padureso, Kebumen Regency, Central Java.
  •  Zahra Batik Shop
Source of Zahra Kebumen Batik Images

The next recommended place is the Zahra batik shop. Zahra batik shop is located at the address Jl. Karangsambung, Tangkil, Gemesekti, Keca, matan Kebumen, Kebumen Regency, Central Java. Zahra batik shop sells a variety of typical batik from Kebumen or outside the area such as Solo batik, Pekalongan batik, Semarang batik, Jogja batik and many more. And for the price itself, this batik shop sells batik at a price that is still relatively cheap and affordable.

  • Martin Collection Batik Shop
Martin Collection Image Source

The next batik shop that we recommend is the Martin Collection batik shop. Martin Collection batik shop provides a variety of batik from Kebumen City, and there are also several batiks from outside the area such as Jogja batik, Solo batik, Pekalongan batik, and others. Martin Collection batik shop not only provides batik in the form of fabrics but there is also batik that has been formed in a fashion, both for men’s clothing and women’s clothing. For example, batik shirts, kebayas, batik uniforms, batik pants, various batik accessories, and much more. Martin Collection batik shop is open every day from 09.30-20.00 WIB. And specifically the day of the week this store is open for a full 24 hours. Martin Collection batik shop is located at the address Ngabean, Tanggeran, Sruweng District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java.

  • Sekar Jagad Batik Shop

Sekar Jagad batik shop sells a variety of typical Kebumen batik and Kebumen outers with a variety of motifs. This shop provides batik stamps or written batik in the form of fabrics that have been created into clothing and other trinkets. The clothes sold include men’s batik shirts, women’s batik shirts, batik celan, kebaya, batik dasters, written batik shirts, and others. And the price offered is also quite affordable depending on the type of batik and motif. Sekar Jagad batik shop is located at Jl. Karangsambung No.56, Griyaprajamukti, Bumirejo, Kebumen District, Kebumen Regency, Central Java.

Those are some recommendations for Batik Shops in Kebumen. If you want to find batik shops in other areas, stay tuned to our website Because we will provide various recommendations for places to buy batik throughout Indonesia.