Recommendation Batik Shops in Bogor

Recommendation Bogor Batik Shop – Batik is typical of the Indonesian nation, with a variety of motifs as a form characteristic of the Indonesian nations. Each batik motif has its story philosophy which is taken from various stories ranging from relics to stories with nature. Bogor batik has a characteristic of batik that describes the state of the city of Bogor, one of which is the drizzling rain batik nickname from the city of Bogor. In addition, there is also a typical Bogor batik, namely kujang kidang batik which is an icon of the city of Bogor.

Making Bogor batik uses two techniques, namely the stamping and printing techniques, which is an easy manufacturing process and the results are no less good than using writing techniques. In Bogor City, many batik craftsmen at the same time sell their batik at various prices offered according to the quality of material, texture, complexity, and beauty of the batik. If you visit the city of Bogor, it’s not afdol if you haven’t visited the batik shopping centers in Bogor, each store has its variety of batik icons. The following are some recommendations for batik shops in Bogor City :

  • Neng Geulis Boutique image source

This Boutique is quite famous and popular among people. Neng Geulis Boutique has a variety of batik motifs that are unique from others. What’s even more special id that the batik in this store is made directly y designer Firda Aulia by FridAulia Indonesia. His love for the culture of the homeland made him an icon of the excellence in his batik which aims to introduce Bogor batik to the world through the Fashion Show event. Not only is the batik of the Bogor Botanical Garden but there are also many other motifs made by him, one of which is the angkot motif. The prices marketed at Neng Geulis Boutique vary greatly according to the motif and quality of the batik itself. Address: a3 no.5 Jalan Bogor Baru Jalan Cimandiri taman, RT.04/RW.03, Tegal Gundil, Kec. Bogor Utara, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16152.

  • Batik Bogor My Tradition image source

Bogor Tradisiku Batik Shop sells a variety of batik from clothes, fabrics, and decorations to complements with batik nuances. The batik motifs in this shop are very thick with the nuances of the city of Bogor. The process of making batik in this store is very different from other places, here in making batik using two ways, namely written by canting and stamped. The characteristic of this store is that it has superior batiks offered to buyers including batik a combination of the use of writing techniques with stamp techniques, writing batik, and batik stamp. The price it offers is also very affordable starting from Rp. 125,000 to Rp. 8 million.

  • Kampung Batik image source

Kampung batik Kota Bogor is one of the shopping centers for batik-nuanced goods, besides being called kampung batik, the surrounding community also calls it a paradise for Indonesian batik lovers. So your part who is on vacation or wants to buy clothes, fabrics, shirts, t-shirts, dester, or other items with batik nuances in batik villages is the solution. The price of batik offered in batik villages is relatively cheap starting from rp.75,000 only for the top. This store is located on Jl. Neglasari I, RT.02 / RW.04, Cibuluh, North Bogor District, Bogor City, West Java 16151.

Those are some of the Recommendations for Batik Shops in Bogor that you can visit and can add to your references to buy quality batik. If you want to see recommendations for Batik places in other cities, stay tuned on our website because we will provide recommendations on where to buy batik in other cities next.

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